Haycock Township and Eddie Bauer from 1910 to 1970

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 Pat DeWald built this book, I can tell you it is well worth the price! Over two years of collecting, compiling, editing, revising and adding has produced this fantastic bird's-eye view of life in Haycock Township in the early part of the twentieth century!

With dozens of pictures, fact's and interesting stories told from the perspective of long-time current and former Haycock residents, the book is roughly woven around the family history of the Bauer family, a theme used only as framework to add the many other colorful families and events that made our township's current fabric. Bravo to you, Pat for an excellent job!!
If you are interested in securing your copy, please email her for details on how to pick it up: wdewald@verizon.net

You may also have copies mailed to any address by sending a check made payable to Haycock Historical Society: PO Box 715,

Quakertown, PA 18951 - $35.00 per book, ( $30.00 Cost + $5.00 S&S). Indicate "book" in on the memo line of your check. (Orders will arrive by U.S. Postal Service 10 days from receipt of check.) If your copy is to be shipped to an address other than that listed on the check, please include a note indicating the desired destination.


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