Governing Body


Guideline for the position of President are as follows:

President - Job Description

Direct the Official business of the society through regular monthly meetings.

  • Preside over the society’s 6 General Meetings, calling them to order and sharing updates with the general membership.
  • Gather regular updates from each sub-committee and share updates with Officers and Membership.
  • Collect mail from the Post Office box and distribute it to the various Officers & Sub-committees
  • Request consideration of Officers to enact new policy and policy change where necessary
  • Provide directional input to the governing body
  • Request policy decisions with majority rule prevailing
  • Update Officers to information deemed time-relevant
  • Approve or disallow funds disbursement, signing checks if necessary
  • Retain a hard copy file of all members past and present. Supply one copy to Treasurer along with membership check or cash and another copy to Membership sub-committee Chairperson along with a signed membership card.

Vice - President - Job Description


  • ¨       The vice president takes over the running of the organization when the president is not available or able to continue in the presidents position. 
  • ¨       The vice president is a voting member of the board and attends board meetings.

Treasurer - Job Description



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Mission Statement: The purpose of the Haycock Historical Society is to research and preserve the history of Haycock and to promote and perpetuate public interest and to inform the public generally of the rich heritage of Haycock Township.

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