The Dutch Family

Owners of the Stokes Farm – 1837 – 1847

George Dutch the next owner of the farm was a wealthy merchant living in New York city. ( One historical source has George Dutch listed as a sea captain, but all our research indicates he was a merchant in New York city.) The 1835 “ American Almanac, New York Register and city Directory” lists George Dutch living in New York in 1835, occupation merchant. The MANHATTAN New York City Directory 1829 – 1830” lists George Dutch living at 543 Broadway, New York city. The 1820, “Mercuun’s City Directory New York Register and Almanac” lists George Dutch living in New York city, occupation merchant.

George Dutch married Rosamond Rea September 23, 1812 in Salem, Essex County, state of Massachusetts.

He was about 29 years old at the time of his marriage to Rosamond, we do not know her age. Eight years later from the 1820 census they are living in New York, ward 6, with three girls under 10 and three girls 16-26. I believe the three girls under 10 are Rosamond and George’s family. At this time we do not know who the three girls 16 – 26 are, maybe younger sisters of George or other family members. George is 37 years old in 1820, I do not think the three girls could be his from an earlier marriage. On the census one person is engaged in manufacturing, I presume this is George.

The 1830 census lists George Dutch living in ward 8, New York city. The children listed are one boy 5 – 9 years, I presume this is George F. who was born in 1822. Two girls under 5, 4 girls 10-14 the older sisters to George, 1 girl 20-29 maybe one of the girls from the other family, and Rosamond making a house hold of ten.

April 11, 1833, Rosamond Dutch dies. The death notice is in the New York City death notices.

A few years later George F. Dutch and his father are listed in the New York Passenger Lists from 1820-1957, they are sailing on the ship Robert Adams to New York, New York, from St Thomas, Virgin Islands and ST Croix the arrival date is April 13, 1835.

George Dutch is 51 years of age, occupation merchant. George F. is 14 years, 4 months.

Friday June 19, 1835 the New York papers list the marriage of George Dutch. “ Last eve Rev Thomas Brientnell George Dutch of this city Louise Miller dau late Richard Spaight.”

On March 27, 1837, George Dutch purchased the Stokes farm for 11,000 dollars. The previous owner John Stokes passed away in 1834. The property had been in the Stokes family since 1737. Stokes meadow is mentioned in the notes for the preliminary infamous walking purchase of 1737. The preliminary route was along Old Bethlehem Road pass Stokes Meadow and on to Pleasant Valley.

This is a description of the Stokes farm listed in the “Pennsylvania Correspondent & Farmers’ Advertiser” December 23, 1835

“No. 1 containing about 229 acres on which is erected a large stone Mansion House, three rooms on the first floor, and 4 on the second. – Stone kitchen adjoining, a well of lasting water and pump in it near the door, 2 stone barns, wagon house and other out buildings, lime kiln,… It is situated on the old Bethlehem road, 40 miles from Philadelphia, and 13 from Bethlehem, near the village of Strawntown, and bounded by other public roads, and lands of George Amey, Christian Mann and others.

No. 2 containing 73 acres adjoin the above tract, lands of Christian Bertles, William Stokes and others and the old Bethlehem road… It will be sold together, or in lots to suit purchases.

Also – 71 acres of woodland, will be sold in lots from 3 to 5 acres each, adjoining the above mentioned tracts.”

I’m not sure who lived on the farm at first but the 1840 census in Haycock township lists a George Dutch, head of household, 1 male under the age of 20, 1 female under age of 5, 2 females under the age of 15 and 1 female under the age of 20. This would be George F. and his four younger sisters now living on the farm in Haycock. At this time the farm contained two houses, I presume a farm manager lived in the little stone house and George F. and his sisters lived in what was considered the stone mansion house known as the Stokes homestead. George F. Dutch is 18 years old and considered head of the house.

The 1840 census lists George Dutch living in New York, ward 14 and employed in commerce. Living with him is Louise, his second wife and 2 boys under the age of five. The small boys could be the children of Louise and George, 1 girl between the age of 10 – 14, could be from Louise’s first marriage, 2 women between 30 and 39, who could be relatives or the older sisters of George F, from the first marriage, and Louise, making a household of seven.

In 1842 George Dutch and his wife Louise convey the Haycock Farm ‘Stokes Meadow” to George F. the son of George Dutch for $1.00. Prior to this conveyance George Dutch had a large house built upon the property. The local people called the new house Dutch’s folly as it was very grand for a farm house.

“The house was built after the plan of a house belonging to Garret Gilbert, of New York, and was a model of the old English home. It was built by Samuel Kachline, of Doylestown, who was the contractor, was probably one hundred feet square, one story in height, surrounded on all sides by large plazas studded with immense pillars. The roof is slanting, coming to a peak in the center. The ceilings are very high and the apartments consisting of parlors, dining and sleeping rooms, very large, and lighted by many large windows on all sides… The house was completed on March 16, 1842.” The son George F. and sisters then moved to the new house on the old Stokes farm.

About five years later, March 31, 1847, after moving into the new house on the farm, George Dutch sells the farm to Paul and Henry Applebach for $10,500.00. The farm contains 377 acres and 11 perches of land and all the buildings. George F. is twenty five years old, Paul Applebach is 32 and Henry Applebach is 29.

About a year later George F. Dutch is returning from Italy, did he depart for Italy soon after selling the farm?

The Philadelphia Passenger Lists of 1800-1945 list George F. Dutch arriving in Philadelphia on May 16, 1848 from Palermo, Italy via St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

The 1850 census has Louisa Dutch living in Bethlehem with Ros (Rosemind) 20, and Eun 12, all born in New York. I wonder what happened to the 2 little boys and the other children. I am assuming George Dutch is living in New York at this time.

I believe George F. is also living in New York as in 1853 he is issued a passport and lists his home as New York. On the passport he states that he was born in or about 20th day of December 1822 in the city of New York. His description follows Age 30, stature 5ft 9 inches, English; forhead high; eyes, brown; nose, prominent; mouth, medium; chin rounded; hair, dark brown; complexion sallow. The passport is issued May 2, 1853.

The last facts we have uncovered about the Dutch family is from the 1860 census. The family is living in Bethlehem. George is 75 years old, Louise, 61, George F. 40, Rosemond 31 and Mary Emory 15. The house is valued at $15,000 and the personnel wealth is $8400. Both George F. and his father are listed as gentleman. The worth of the real estate is the greatest on the page which one can gather makes it the best house on the block.



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