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   On Wednesday 12/22/10, The Bucks County Commissioners granted Haycock Historical Society the option to lease the historic Stokes house in Applebachsville for $1.00 per year. 

For the past several years,  Haycock Historical Society Officers had been looking at possible properties while trying to figure what the budget would allow.  At this point in our growth, we desperately needed a central office and meeting place.    Members were asked in a survey what their thoughts were in May of 2010. They overwhelmingly agreed that an historic group such as ourselves should look to move into an historic building.     We believed we found it in the Stokes house, located down a long gravel lane behind Applebachville.   The building, a pre-Revolutionary War stone farmhouse, is owned by Bucks County and is part of the Lake Towhee park.  It had remained unoccupied since 2008.  We were initially concerned that further lack of occupancy would cause irreversable damage to the building from an historic preservation standpoint.  We approached the County on our own and then again, with the help of Representative Paul Clymer over the past year.  Vice President of our group, Pat DeWald, along with membership chair, Jane Nase, attended County Planning meetings and pursued the County Asset Manager with letters and email corrispondence. Pat DeWald requested and recieved the historic review and evaluation of the building from Jeff Marshall, our county's leading authority on old homes.  Nearly having exhausted all other possible avenues, a petition was circulated, requesting use of the house to save it from further disrepair.  Over 70 names were collected with the intent to present them to the commissioners.

     Because of the unxpected approval and sudden need to set the terms, Officers settled on one year with option to renew for a longer period of time.  

   The official lease was signed on December 31, 2010 for occupation of the building beginning February 1, 2011.     

On Thursday, January 6th, 2011, President Chris Handschin and Vice President, Pat DeWald traveled to Doylestown Courthouse to witness the confirmation of our lease of the Stokes house for $1.00, as it was presented to the Bucks County Commissioners by County Asset Manager, Peter McElroy during the January reading of the Bucks County Commissioner's Agenda.   Mr. McElroy and the Commissioners were thanked during the meeting for helping the organization reach this rental agreement. Chris Handschin explained HHS members were thrilled with the new home, promised to be responsible tenants and shared that HHS had great plans and many enthusiastic members to follow through on them. Commissioner Charles H. Martin said he planned to drop in for a visit.


Mission Statement: The purpose of the Haycock Historical Society is to research and preserve the history of Haycock and to promote and perpetuate public interest and to inform the public generally of the rich heritage of Haycock Township.

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