Stokes House

Stokes House Today

Nearly a quarter mile down a gravel lane, tucked discreetly behind the village of Applebachville, the Stokes house has sat patiently waiting to be given its rightful historical due. The homestead was once accompanied by many outbuildings, barns, and even included a pottery kiln. It is situated along the northern edge of Bucks County-owned Towhee Park, along Old Bethlehem Road and overlooks man-made Lake Towhee.

Throughout Stokes’ 270+ year history, the building had been both owned and sublet by various tenants, each having left their imprint, so that returning the building to any one period would be a daunting task.


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Stokes House: Dave Long 
Stokes yard/garden: Pat DeWald



Mission Statement: The purpose of the Haycock Historical Society is to research and preserve the history of Haycock and to promote and perpetuate public interest and to inform the public generally of the rich heritage of Haycock Township.

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