Erwin Stover House



The home bears the name of the two families whom once owned it and resided there.

It was built by William Erwin, for whom the town of Erwinna is named. William's father Arthur, an Irish immigrant, purchased the land in 1761.

It was part of the original land grant given to William Penn by King Charles II of England in 1681. A portion of the house was constructed in 1800 and another wing in 1820. Following the death of William's daughter in 1846, the home was sold to local miller Henry Stover. Henry's son Jacob added another wing in the 1860. The Stovers held on to the house until 1955 when descendent John J. Stover turned the property and the 126 acres to Bucks as the county's first public park. Today the house is open for tours from June to October.




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