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HAYCOCK, in 1743 (or, properly speaking, the unorganized territory between Richland, Rockhill, Bedminster, and Nockamixon, and the proposed township of Springfield), had a population of thirteen families, the names of eleven of which were as follows: Joseph Dennis, Edwin Bryan, John Balzar Hubner, James Sloan, Griffith Davis, Dennis Onan, John Doan, Michael Weinich, Silas McCarty, George Shuman, and Henry Hauk. This was the first generation of actual settlers.


bullet Battle's History of Bucks County





1.  Nicholas MCCARTY1 was born in 1670.2  He died on 1 APR 1750 in Haycock Bucks County PA.3,4  He served in the military in Valley Forge PA.5  He was elected as Justice of the Peace in Haycock Bucks County PA.


He was married to Unity CASEY.  Davis History of Bucks County Vol II

Page 39

There is some difference of opinion as to when the McCartys arrived.  William J. Bucks says Edward McCarty bought two hundred and fifty acres of Thomas and Richard Penn, April 19, 1738, on a warrant of March 11, 173-, but a subsequent sentence same paragraph says "a research, in the Bucks county records, states the aforesaid two hundred and fifty acres were bought of Thomas Penn by Nicholas McCarty, March 5, 1761."  This Nicholas was probably the son of Thomas or Patrick McCarty mentioned in the text.   Unity CASEY was born in 1675.6  She died in 1745 in Haycock Bucks County PA.7  She was buried in 1745 in Haycock Bucks County PA.8,9  Nicholas MCCARTY and Unity CASEY had the following children:


            +2                      i.    Edward MCCARTY.



2.  Edward MCCARTY10 was born in 1702.11  He died in 1792.


He was married to Catherine MCCANNA.   Catherine MCCANNA12 died on 16 OCT 1766 in Haycock Bucks County PA.  Edward MCCARTY and Catherine MCCANNA had the following children:


            +3                      i.    Nicholas MCCARTY.

              4                     ii.    Edward MCCARTY was baptized in 1742 in Christian Haugt's house in Tinicum..13

            +5                    iii.    John MCCARTY.


3.  Nicholas MCCARTY14 was born on 1 FEB 1738 in Nockamixon Township Bucks County PA..  He was baptized in MAY 1742 in Goshenhoppen Berks County PA.15,16  He served in the military on 29 JUL 1778 in Captain Shoope's Company.17  He died on 7 AUG 1808 in Haycock Bucks County PA.18  He was a Sawmill.19  He was Catholic in Haycock Bucks County PA.20

He was married to Albertina KOHL (daughter of John George KOHL   and Mary Barbara BEHEN ) on 20 JAN 1767 in Haycock Bucks County PA.21,22   Albertina KOHL was born on 6 MAY 1741 in Berks County PA.  She was baptized on 23 AUG 1741 in Falkners Swamp.23,24  She died on 22 MAR 1816 in Haycock Bucks County PA.25  Nicholas MCCARTY and Albertina KOHL had the following children:


              6                      i.    John MCCARTY

              7                     ii.    Nicholas MCCARTY died on 28 FEB 1817 in Not confirmed.26

            +8                    iii.    Thomas MCCARTY.

            +9                    iv.    Cathrine MCCARTY.

          +10                     v.    Elizabeth MCCARTY.

            11                    vi.    Mary MCCARTY

          +12                   vii.    Sarah (Salome) MCCARTY.

            13                  viii.    Margaret MCCARTY


5.  John MCCARTY27.  Adopted by his uncle Thomas


John MCCARTY had the following children:


          +14                      i.    Paul Abner MCCARTY.

            15                     ii.    Ross Thomas MCCARTY28

            16                    iii.    John D MCCARTY29






8.  Thomas MCCARTY.  There is a tombstone Thomas D. McCarty born August 31, 1785. Departed this life March 18, 1868, aged 82 years 6mos 17 days


He was married to Mary Magdalena BUCK (daughter of Leonard BUCK   and Elizabeth ) on 3 MAY 1803.   Mary Magdalena BUCK was born on 24 SEP 1783.  She died on 2 JAN 1828 in Haycock Bucks County PA.  4th daughter, 9th child

Is this Mary McCarty, wife of Thomas D McCarty, died 8/30/1863, aged 81 years, 11 months, 4 days?


9.  Cathrine MCCARTY

She was married to Christian CLINKER.

10.  Elizabeth MCCARTY

She was married to George SHARPEIGH.

12.  Sarah (Salome) MCCARTY was born on 7 APR 1774.30

She was married to John BUCK in 1795.31   John BUCK was born on 17 FEB 1775 in Haycock Bucks County PA.

14.  Paul Abner MCCARTY was born on 14 MAR 1799.  He died on 11 APR 1869.

He was married to Louisa MCINTYRE.   Louisa MCINTYRE32 was born on 23 NOV 1808.  She died Dec? 22, 1898 in Haycock Bucks County PA.  Paul Abner MCCARTY and Louisa MCINTYRE had the following children:


          +17                      i.    Thomas Y MCCARTY. 




17.  Thomas Y MCCARTY33 was born in 1850.  He was a General Merchandise.34

He was married to Isabella MCCARTY in 1877.   Thomas Y MCCARTY and Isabella MCCARTY had the following children:


            18                      i.    Leo MCCARTY35

            19                     ii.    Angels MCCARTY36

            20                    iii.    Roscoe MCCARTY37,38.  Son of Thomas Y. McCarty

            21                    iv.    Alacoque MCCARTY39


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