Family Names of Haycock

The Goshenhoppen Registers 1741-1819
Registers of Baptism, Marriages, and Deaths of the Catholic Mission of Goshenhoppen (Bally), Washington Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania (this would include St John’s Catholic Church, Haycock)
Father Schneider’s
Contents of the oldest Catholic Church register of the original thirteen English colonies.

Baptisms for the year of 1742
Onan, Denis, of Denis and Rebecca Onan, baptized May 27th, in Christian Haug’s house in Dinekum; sponsor Wendelin Heiffer

Baptisms for the year 1743
Onan, Mary, of Denis and Rebecca Onan, baptized December 28th, in Parents house; sponsor Ann Blainy

Baptisms for the year 1746
Onan, Rebecca, of Denis and Rebecca Onan, baptized April 14th; sponsors Matthew Handlon and Ann, wife of Edmund Blany.

I also checked Early Pennsylvania Births 1675-1875 – No Onan
Abstracts of Bucks County Pennsylvania Wills 1685-1785 No Onan
Bucks County Pensylvania Deed Records 1684-1763 – No Onan
Bucks County Pennsylvania Land Records 1684-1723 – no Onan
Bucks County Pennsylvania Land Records 1711-1749 – No Onan


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