Haycock Hike April 2012

Top Rock

On 4-29-2012 a party of 9 HHS Members met on East Sawmill Road, at the Rte 563 underpass ( by the site of the former Shellenberger's Mill) at 1:00 P.M. to hike to the top of Haycock Mountain. The last time an HHS group went up via this route four years prior. The devestation brought about by the freak 2011 Halloween storm was quickly evident at the lower elevations beyond and to the right of the water tower. Fallen trees and the beginnings of briars & undergrowth completely obliterated the original path, making it too difficult to traverse. Thankfully, party member, Rich Cope was able to scout out an alternate route to the top for the group.

The brisk sunny day was perfect for the hike. Among the things encountered along the way were late spring-blooming wildflowers-- Showy Orchis & Spring Beauties. No Morrell mushrooms were spotted, but some of the HHS members encountered a shy snake who quickly headed away at the sound of the group. The top of the mountain was buzzing with human activity on this day. Nockamixon State Park was also leading a nature hike. Another group, of Adventure Triathelon Endurance Racers were making their way to the top as part of their adventure. Various "rock jumpers" were also encountered, carrying their mats on their backs. After a rest and refreshment break on Top Rock, the group headed back down by way of the path the other groups had used, arriving back at their cars at 5:30 P.M.




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