11/13/1855 Intelligencer - - 7/26/1859


11/13/1855 Intelligencer

By virtue of a writ of Levari Facias, to me, directed, will be sold at Public Vendue, on
SATURDAY, the 1st of DECEMBER next, at 1 o’clock, p.m., on the premises, in the township
of Haycock, county of Bucks, the following described REAL ESTATE, viz:
Lot No. 1—A certain Tract of Land situated in the thriving and flourishing village of
Applebachsville, containing One Hundred and Fifty-six Perches of Land, trict measure; lying
upon the old Bethlehem road, and adjoining lands of Samuel, Henry and Abraham Applebach,
and John ?neckel. the improvements consist of a new and convenient two-story Brick House,
but recently erected in the best maner. A good well of water, and a frame Stable.
Taken in Execution and to be sold as the property of Immanuel Hager.
Lot No.2—A certain Messuage of vacant Land, adjoining No. 1, and bounded by lands of
Paul and Henry Applebach, and Martin Bewighouse; containing ONE ACRE and Nine Perches of
Land, and suitable for a good building lot.
Taken in Execution as the property of IMMANUEL HAGER.
The lots will be sold separately or together, as may best suit the purchasers, by
Sheriff’s Office, Doylestown, November 13, 1855.

7/26/1859 Intelligencer

BY virtue of a writ of Ven. Ex., to me directed, will be sold at Public Sale, on TUESDAY, the
SIXTEENTH, day of AUGUST, 1859, at 4 o’clock, P.M., on the premises, in the township of
Haycock, Bucks county, the fpllowing REAL ESTATE, to wit:
ALL that certain MESSUAGE and LOT of TWELVE ACRES OF LAND, be the same more
or less, adjoining lands of Martin Bewighouse, Samuel Afflerbach, Jonas Althouse and others.
The improvements are a Log House, two stories high, and cellar underneath; Frame Barn and
other out-buildings, fruit trees, &c.
Sized and taken in Execution as the property of HENRY A. KELLER, and will be sold by
JOS. S. ELY, Sheriff.
Sheriff’s Office, Doylestown, July 26,1859.

Also I have him listed as Proprietor of the Mountain house in 1876 spelled Bebighouse in the
1876 directory of Haycock
In the 1871 he is listed as a farmer and spelled Bibighouse.

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