In September of 2008, Haycock Township Supervisors purchased the Shellenberger's Mill Stone from long time resident, Albert Kinzler who had owned it as part of his private collection since the early 1960's.  Shellenberger Mill operated as a Lumber and Grist mill while in operation.  A presentation outlining the Shellenberger Mill's history will be shared at the October 16'th, 2008 General Meeting at 7:00 pm at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Applebachsville.

    Shortly after learning the Shellenberger's mill stone was available for sale, supervisors acted quickly to purchase it.  The stone now rests by the Veterans memorial and flag poles in front of Haycock Township Buildings main entrance.

    The Haycock Historical Society would like to thank Haycock Township Supervisors for giving the stone a home at the township building, where future generations of visitors can view this important piece of history.



Mission Statement: The purpose of the Haycock Historical Society is to research and preserve the history of Haycock and to promote and perpetuate public interest and to inform the public generally of the rich heritage of Haycock Township.

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