Danneltown Photos

There was not just one, but a cluster of cabins that made up Danneltown. We do not yet know exactly where those cabins stood. None of the long-time residents who we spoke to remember them. Most likely they fell into ruin before 1940.

The inscription on some of those post cards indicates the pictured cabin is in "Front of Little Haycock Mountain". Little Haycock refers to the smaller mound, attached to the north side of the bigger part of Haycock Mountain as one would see it if facing East. It would have had to be located in the general vicinity of Stony Garden between Reed Lane and Potter Lane. Had it been situated any farther north on Stony Garden road, the cabin would have been on the "Back" of Little Haycock Mountain.

We know many Irish immigrants found work building the Delaware canal. Some have reasoned that Danneltown sprung up as a migrant worker's village because of its proximity to St. John the Baptist Mission Catholic Church, (founded by the McCarty family) and the canal. When the canal was completed, they likely moved on, leaving the cabins to fall to ruin.

According to collected and archived written accounts:

"Danneltown was settled by Hiram & Jesse O'Dannel, immigrants from Ireland around the 1840's, who obtained title by squatters' rights. Other settlers drifted in and each built one-room log cabins on the rocky, non-fertile land. One cabin is said to have housed a man, his wife and their 24 children. About 1880, the remaining settlers moved on to a new location in Delaware. The last cabin crumbled in ruins around 1940."


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