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Elmer J. Atherholt
Elmer J. Atherholt, aged 62, died at his home in Quakertown on Sunday December 25. He was a native of Haycock township, a son of the late Thomas and Mary Ann Heft? Atherholt. Survivors are his widow, nee Florence Benner, and a brother, Irwin, of Bethlehem. The deceased was a member of the Keelersville P.O. S. of A. and the Junior Mechanics at Bethlehem.

Gathering of Fulmers held on native soil


Addresses Delivered by Ira Frankenfield
and Floyd Kilmer Arthur Fulmer,Hellertown,Elected President Several Prizes, Were Awarded
(Special to The Intelligencer) Ottsville. July 17 1932

Long a .well known family in the upper section of Bucks county and in "adjoining counties, members of tbe Fulmer clan, held their 12th annual reunion in a territory which was well 'knownto the forefathers of this generation at the old Red Hill church, here, yesterday.

Members or this family are the descendants of George Fulmer, who in. the 18th centurylocated on a farm in Haycock township- In lateryears many cf his descendants, located in the vicinity, in which the reunion was held yesterday. When George Fulmer purchased his property he was granted a deed from Willliam Penn. Approximately150 ..members ot the family enjoyed the interesting program which -was featured by two addresses. The meeting'was in charge of the president, Walter Fulmer, of Bethlehem. The program .was opened with the singing o f America" and. prayer by Harvey Fulmer. Evelyn Smith, recited "A Welcome".

A pleasing feature of the program, was a trumpet solo by Dale Eeichley. "The Bite" was recited by Adeline Shull- and Elaine Fulmer contributed to the program with a vocal solo. The program was brought to a close with the singing of several hymns and the- Lord's Prayer.

One of the addresses given at the reunion was by -Ira Frankenfield, of.- Coopersburg, who spoke on the importance of keeping family records.' The other address of the afternoon was delivered by Floyd " Kilmer; Quakertown, who took for his subject "Why Are We Here?" He answered this by stating that " this, large gathering had. been assembled

at this historic spot for - the purpose of receiving spiritual and social: values.- . He compared a reunion to 'one. large family, the most important asset ' of which- is the children. Mr. Kilmer called attention to three institutions which, are .very important, in the life of the child, the family, the church and the . school. He said most of the important part of the child's life takesplace in the school. Family traits, said Mr: Kilmer in conclusion, should be co-operation, brotherly love and unselfishness. Officers elected at the reunion yesterday were as follows: President, Arthur Fulmer, Hellertown vice president, A. H. Nicholas,.,. Quakertown: secretary, Miss Elizabeth M. Ott, Point Pleasant; treasurer. Arthur Shull, Wismer; historian, Oscar F. Helms, Riegelsville. It was decided to hold the reunion next year at Oakland Park . between Bethlehem and Easton.The time holding the reunion will be decided later. Featuring the gathering yesterday was the awarding of gifts to the oldest and youngest persons in attendance.

The prize for the oldest, person went to Mrs, Sarah Jane Fox, aged 78, of Point Pleasant, and the prize for tile youngest was given six weeks- old Leroy Myers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Myers, of Wismer. At the conclusion of the program sports were enjoyed on the grove surrounding the church. Prizes were award the winners.

Northampton County Portraits

B. F. Neisser, our subject's father, was born in
Bethlehem, and learned the cabinet-maker's trade. In middle age he became a Justice of the Peace of the First Ward in Bethlehem', serving for many years. For some time prior to his death he was an invalid, having been stricken with paralysis He departed this life in 1888, aged sixty-four years. His wife, Sarah Ann Smith, was a native of Bucks County, having been born in Haycock Township, in 1822. She was a daughter of I. George and A. M. Smith, who were both born in Bucks County. The former died at the age of sixty-five, and the latter, whose maiden name was Anna Maria Steinbach, died at the age of seventy-eight years. Mrs. Neisser was called from this life May 30, 1889. Her eldest son, William G., was accidentally killed on the railroad in 1877, at the age of twenty-five years. The youngest son, Edward A., is in the employ of the Lehigh Valley Railroad in the capaccity of clerk.


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