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Haycock Country Marketplace - Stokes Open House at Haycock Fire hall on June 4 had nearly perfect weather conditions for the added attractions this year.  Lifetime member Greg Seifert, who co-owns local Haycock Mountain Pride Farm with partner Laura DiDonato, offered free wagon rides to HHS's Stoke's Open-house from 10-2, departing the lot across from the Fire Hall at St. Paul's church. The magnificent team of Belgian draft horses, "Willie" & "Waylon" dutifully made over 12 round trips between the fire house and the Stokes property, just under a quarter mile away.  For each round, the wagon was packed full of curious riders. Over 40 guests signed the guest book at the Stokes house but Pat DeWald reports that many more visited that day.     

Back at the firehouse, an amazing selection of vintage auto's were on display for the day. Some of the cars included in the show:  1932 Plymouth panel body- owner/member, Carl Stauffer, rare 1935 P-type MG - owner/member, Jason Urban,  1936 Auburn- owner, John Tatu, 1937 Packard - owner, E.J. Moser,  1941 Ford flat-bed truck- owner, Jim Hall, 1941 custom Ford Convertible - owner/members, Margaret & Dave Guttman, 1951 Chevy truck- owner,Timothy Holt, 1966 Ford Mustang - owner, Byron Bealer, 1966 Chevrolet Corvette- owner Dennis Koch, 1971 Ford Torino- owner Eileen Layton, and 1978 Jeep CJ-5 - owner, Ellen McCracken.  HHS is thankful to all of the classic and custom car owners who attended on June 4'th, several of whom remain unnamed, having joined the show as passers-by.  A special registered car participant raffle for a $50.00 Becker's dinner gift certificate was won by Jim Hall of Ottsville, owner of the 1941 Ford truck.  Congratulations, Jim!

    Inside table space filled to capacity early with vendors selling everything from antiques and flea market finds to jewelry and handcrafted birdhouses.  A table, reserved for HHS merchandise doubled as a book store & information exchange.    This year, authors of our latest book, "Our Lost Tohickon Valley...", (Margie Goldthorp-Fulp and Pam Feist-Varkony), occupied the HHS table, both selling their signed books and collecting information which will become part of a second book.  Visitors were encouraged to share stories and pictures and tell about their experiences on the land that became Lake Nockamixon.   The women reported many interesting new leads came, especially from families on the Bedminster side of the Tohickon Valley. 

Thanks to the many generous member donations to the White Elephant table, the event outdid itself this year, raising $300.00 alone.

Both Giant Foods and Yum-Yum Donuts of Quakertown supported the efforts of HHS food sales by donating gift certificates which were used to feed the crowd. A sure sign of the increased amount of visitors, the events team ran out of hot dogs to sell by 1:00 PM.   Much appreciated live music was provided all day by talented members--  Ed Bauer, Rich Laughlin, Gordon Allem and Steve Applegate. Many hands and purses were involved in the great day Marketplace was.  We wish to thank each and every one for contributing their part toward its success.  Member Wayne Keller took some great shots of the June 4th festivities.  Look for them on the HHS website: www.haycockhistoricalsociety.org
  • We are especially grateful to Greg Seifert for his generous donation of time and equipment

Stokes House News and Update

Local residents tell story of life and land before Lake Nockamixon

Montgomery Newspapers
By Erin DuBois Somewhere near the center of Nockamixon State Park, daffodils burst up through a split rock in springtime, among the sole survivors of a ...


Erwin Stover House

Historic Home to get needed repairs

Work to restore the 200 year old Erwin Stover House could begin by June

The home bears the name of the two families whom once owned it and resided there.

It was built by William Erwin, for whom the town of Erwinna is named. William's father Arthur, an Irish immigrant, purchased the land in 1761.

It was part of the original land grant given to William Penn by King Charles II of England in 1681. A portion of the house was constructed in 1800 and another wing in 1820. Following the death of William's daughter in 1846, the home was sold to local miller Henry Stover. Henry's son Jacob added another wing in the 1860. The Stovers held on to the house until 1955 when descendent John J. Stover turned the property and the 126 acres to Bucks as the county's first public park. Today the house is open for tours from June to October. more...



June 12, 2010 -


Sheard's/Clymer's Mill

Sheard's/Clymer's Mill

On May 23. 2009 , Jim Deegan accepted a plaque from Haycock Historical Society's president, Chris Handschin, honoring his late father, Gerard F. Deegan who passed away in 2008. The plaque, inset with the first produced Haycock Historical Society 2008 Commemorative red clay tile commemorates the senior Deegan's achievements. Scanning Pen

Scanning Pen

Officer's announced the purchase of a Scanning Pen at the September, 2008 General Meeting. The pen, (more like a wand), has a memory card onboard, USB plugs and ports as well as batteries for remote use. It can be taken into a library such as the Spruance Archival Library where documents, files and maps and newspapers can be scanned and stored on its card, later to be downloaded to our laptop. Documents are copied in color or black & white simply by running the wand over the desired area. This easy process not only saves our researchers hours of time writing down the information we find, but it also save the expense of having the documents photocopied. It is considered the safest way to copy archival documents because they are not excessively handled by this duplicating process. The pen will be kept and used by our research department.

Singer Redware Plate

Officers and members wish to sincerely thank member, Nancy Singer for her recent Memorial Contribution.

At the September General Meeting, Mrs. Singer donated a Singer Redware plate from her private collection to the Haycock Historical Society in memory of her late husband, Webster Singer. Webster was the great-grandson of the famous Haycock Redware Potter, Simon Singer. Webster and Nancy gave a presentation on the workings of Singer Pottery for the society in 2006.

The plate will be on display at the township in the glass display case.


Governance Committee: After careful consideration we have purchased a Panasonic SDR-H18 camcorder. It will prove invaluable for use in recording and presenting the many events and speakers we arrange. We will soon begin an archival collection of DVD's which members can sign out to view.

Beth Kerdock Memorial Fund The Kerdock family has graciously directed Memorial contributions in Beth's name to be sent to our Haycock Historical Society. To date we have $1680.00 in contributions. To honor Beth's memory in the best possible way and remembering her amazing computer research abilities, we have decided to purchase a laptop computer which we will christen "Beth." Beth will contain all our archival data and pictures and will be available to assist all our members in discovering the history of Haycock. The laptop will be housed at the Haycock Township Building and will be available to all members during the hours of operation. It will be a part of our functions as well, sharing slide presentations of our many and varied endeavors.

Help Wanted: Paper Clippers for Daily Intelligencer Needed We've begun a campaign to capture the history being made today in our Haycock for it will one day become the history the next generation of historians will seek out. Thanks to Cathi Gelwicks and Bill Peischel the Morning Call will soon be covered! Thanks to Heather Radick, the Bucks County Herald will be covered! We are actively seeking a member (or members) to clip articles from the Daily Intelligencer about Haycock, it's residents or accomplishments. H.H.S. will provide archival quality scrap-book journals and supplies to participants while they work independently, collecting clippings. At periodic intervals, the clippings will be scanned into our database and be made available to members from "Beth", our memorial laptop.

Connect with our Living Historical Treasures (Retired Residents!) in a Real & Beneficial Way H.H.S. is fond of our long time residents. They hold the keys to the secrets of our recent past! We are seeking to provide a service to any of those seniors in that spirit of preserving history. The Haycock Township office has enlisted our help identifying those senior citizens in our township who may benefit from the services of Meals On Wheels. If a need exists, we are challenged to fill it by scheduling a few of our members to volunteer, delivering hot meals from St. Luke's Hospital in Quakertown to folks in need in the township. This is not a charity, rather a very reasonable fee-based service providing seniors with the healthy diet and hot meal, which may have been difficult to get before. If you are, or know of someone who could benefit, please contact Chris Handschin (215) 490-4940 or  . If you would like to be put on a list of those who are willing to deliver meals occasionally, should such a service become available, please contact Chris as well.

The social events committee agreed at their last meeting of 3/12/07 ...

Mission Statement: The purpose of the Haycock Historical Society is to research and preserve the history of Haycock and to promote and perpetuate public interest and to inform the public generally of the rich heritage of Haycock Township.

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