HHS General Meetings Open to the public, meetings are held throughout the year and are free of charge

All listed General meetings will be held on the 3rd Thursdays at a new home.
The Haycock Elementary School. 1014 Old Bethlehem Rd, Haycock Township MAP


Sunday, September 9, 2018: 1 p.m. at the Stokes House: Settlers’ Day: Presentation by Steve Applegate: Steve will cook a stew over an open fire. In addition, Steve will provide the opportunity for attendees to fire his muzzle loaders and to shoot hand-made wooden bows. There will be NO Thursday meeting in September.

Thursday, October 18, 2018: 7 p.m. Tammy Schane will do a presentation on It Was Only the Flu: A look at the 100th Anniversary of the 1918-1920 Spanish Influenza Pandemic through the experiences of Philadelphians. Tammy will also bring books to sell at $15.00 each, titled: Engraved: The Meanings Behind 19th Century Tombstone Symbols.

Thursday, November 15, 2018: 7 p.m. Bruce Lewis, wood carver, will give a presentation on The History of Fish Decoys and Winter Spearing. Bruce will also display wooden fish decoys carved by him.



Springtown Times  Vol. 9     # 40      June 30, 1894   

While Elwin Horn, of near Richlandtown was returning from Bethlehem on Saturday afternoon where he had taken a load of hay, he was caught in a heavy thunderstorm while driving along state road near Fairmont and a bolt of lightning struck and instantly killed one of the mules of his team.  He managed to get to his home between Richlandtown and Applebachsville.


Mission Statement: The purpose of the Haycock Historical Society is to research and preserve the history of Haycock and to promote and perpetuate public interest and to inform the public generally of the rich heritage of Haycock Township.

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