Sheard's/Clymer's Mill

On May 23. 2009 , Jim Deegan accepted a plaque from Haycock Historical Society's president, Chris Handschin, honoring his late father, Gerard F. Deegan who passed away in 2008. The plaque, inset with the first produced Haycock Historical Society 2008 Commemorative red clay tile commemorates the senior Deegan's achievements. Gerard F. Deegan, (former owner/operator of the Tohickon Campground with son, Jim) had pursued the goal of restoring Sheard's/Clymer's Mill to it's former operating state and opening it as an historic Mill Museum.

The historic mill, located in the village of Thatcher is part of the Tohickon Campground property. This area is unique in Bucks County as it is home to both a covered bridge and grist mill in very close proximity. Sheard's/Clymer's Mill, under the ownership of John Clymer operated until 1971. When Deegan bought the creekside property he operated it as the Tohickon campground while working tirelessly to have the mill placed on the National Historical Sites Registry.

This is considered a crucial first step to preserve the historically significant structure as well as halt demolition, future alterations or changes in use. Gerard lived just long enough to see this first step come to fruition. Haycock Historical Society wishes to honor the dedication shown by Gerard in his quest to preserve history. There is still much work to do to the mill and with the economy as it is, the restoration project efforts have been slow. Jim Deegan is hopeful that he may continue in his father's path with the restoration.

Although Sheard's/Clymer's Mill is situated just outside of Haycock Township's borders in East Rockhill Township, the village of Thatcher spanned both townships and once included the mill, covered bridge, general store as well as a clustering of homes and farms in the area of Covered Bridge road and Thatcher road. Since East Rockhill Township does not have an historic society, Haycock Historical Society will make every effort to support this valuable preservation effort.


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